Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ripping off the Band-Aid

 I'm not very experienced at blogging, but I'm very experienced at yammering.  So hopefully, it translates to this medium.  Time will tell I suppose.  I have been debating what would make the ideal first post.  And as I do, life is passing by.  Finally I decided it's like ripping off a band-aid.  So in an effort to get it over with, here is the first post.

I am a married mother of three, a stay at home mom, school volunteer, chief chef in the family, and master launderer.  OK...  there are a couple of lies buried in there.  I outsource the chef duties as often as possible.  And the laundry is primarily an opportunity waiting to be explored.  It is now standing in small mountains and hills strategically placed in each room.   I have many times subscribed to the FlyLady method of working through things, but clearly, with one look around my home, you can see I'm off the wagon now.

So what am I spending my day doing?  I should be packing away Christmas decorations, taking the vacuum cleaner to the repair shop, beginning my 2011 get in shape plan, or tackling any one of the mountains of laundry.  But the reality is I'm sitting here blogging in the hopes that enough people will click on the ads inserted on this page that someday I can pay a maid, a trainer, and maybe a decorator.  At this rate, I may need a whole team of maids, so please click generously on ads!

I'm not only blogging though.  In the back ground I've stumbled on a show called RuPaul's Drag U.  They are taking women and letting them work with Drag Queens to become fabulous!  I need to find out how to get on this show!  Do you think my children would faint if I showed up at the school dressed like a drag queen?    I'm thinking that would leave me looking something like Dolly Parton...  I can only wish at least!

I found a program that will morph your photo into celebrity photos  (  Sadly they didn't have Dolly Parton.  I had to settle for Pamela Anderson..  I know you're dying to see...  So here it is...

 So this is me.... exciting right?

And this is me morphed with Pamela Anderson... I kind of look like a slutty Sarah Palin.  I'll bet Slutty Sarah doesn't have mountains of laundry to do.


  1. roflmao Kelly this is great.

  2. I think you will have a great blog! I find it funny and informative.


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