Friday, January 7, 2011


It's Friday.  A working Friday for my husband, and school of course for the kids, except for the one who managed to convince me he was sick, although, he's acting awfully spry right now.  As Travis was coming into the room for the 18th time to tell me he really felt sick this morning... but now he's hungry and bored, my golden retriever was doing a fancy dance with a high pitched whining sound track.  I thought the perfect solution was to send the restless "sick" kid out in the yard with the whining dancing dog.  Travis was under strict instructions to watch the dog and keep her from digging.  (we have a gopher she loves to try to dig up... but that's another story for another day)  Enough time passed, and I thought I needed to check on them.  I wandered across the patio and looked over the landing down to the grassy portion of our yard.  There I see the dog desperately trying to dig up a gopher, and Travis swinging the oddest tool I've ever seen.    The tool was about 3 feet long and looked a flat metal end with fluted edges.  When I asked Travis what he was holding, he told me it's an old fashioned lawn mower.  He began swinging it like a pendulum from his shoulder height on the left to the ground and back up to the shoulder height on the right.  Back and forth... and sure enough the darned thing was cutting the grass!  Who'd have thunk?  I don't know if I'm more stunned that it did cut the grass, or that my 11 year old knew what this obviously outdated tool was for.

Well, of course something like this sends me to search the web.  I love the Internet!  Can you believe there is actually an  Old Lawn Mowers Club and an annual rally for owners?  If you missed the 2010 rally, fear not.  A new one is bound to come up in 2011.  The site claims people come from all over the world with their antique mowers.  It sounds like all the excuse I need for a trip to Europe.  Maybe I'll take a cruise to get there... can you bring a lawn mower on a cruise ship?  This is apparently the year for European cruises.  There are tons of deals and steals going that way.  Check out this site. Kelley's Friend Debbie's Cruise web site   My dear, close friend Debbie is a cruise broker, and she will get you a great deal.  But if you're going to the Old Lawn Mowers Club Annual Rally, be sure to let me know.  Maybe we can get a group rate.

Enjoy your day - Enjoy your Life

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  1. We found one of those in the garden shed at a house we rented in Paradise, CA. I thought it was for something related to brick laying -- but we used it as a snake protection tool (we were on a forest greenbelt, so creatures would wander into the yard every now & then).


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