Saturday, January 8, 2011

Over The Shoulder Boulder Holders

My poor children.  I absolutely hate to go bra shopping.  But today I could no longer avoid the process.  One of my daughters (who has asked to remain anonymous) has needed new bras for an embarrassingly long period of time.  Unfortunately for her she has inherited a very healthy bosom, and cannot shop at Victoria's Secret or get the cute polka dot and zebra striped bras that so many of her peers have.  She was stuck shopping in the section of bras that truly earn the title "over the shoulder boulder holders".  Full coverage with thick padded straps and under-wires made of reinforced steel that would challenge even superman.  Unfortunately for me, all that reinforced engineering doesn't come cheap.

There was a brief window of time where my anonymous daughter was desperatly looking through pretty lacy bras hoping to find one that had a size she could wear, and I was shocked to see just how much padding almost every bra had.  Some advertised that they would increase you a full two cup sizes.  I only wish there were equally effective tools for altering other body measurements.  I  have owned a girdle or two, but none that took me down two full sizes.  Imagine if you could shrink from a 16 to a 12 by just wearing the right undergarment!  Of course, anything that would squish, stuff, and shape you that well would probably make it impossible to breathe or eat while wearing.    Maybe I'll just by a padded bra for the top and some padding for my tush, and then my waist will look tiny by comparison?   Throw on some 6 inch heels, and I might pass for tall and skinny!

Enjoy your Day, Enjoy your Life

P.S.  I had to add some obscure internet reference.  So for those of you who thought that the Weird Science movie idea of wearing a bra on your head was almost a good idea, here is the product for you!

Over The Should Bolder Holder Shower Cap

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  1. Unfortunately, when I put on a breath-depriving girdle, all that flab that it's squishing "away" has to go somewhere and I end up with an embarrassing fat explosion above and below. Not worth it!!!

    Interesting note: all the side bar ads that accompany this post are for bras and body shapers...funny!


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